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La Luz California Deathrock Party Pics

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Forrest Black and I are so happy with how the California Deathrock party at La Luz went. Blue Blood funded the production of the book via Kickstarter, so it was initially only available to backers of the Kickstarter and people actually in the book. To celebrate the launch of the book to the general public […]

California Deathrock Book Signing Party at La Luz Tonight

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Initially exclusively available to Kickstarter backers and people in the book, California Deathrock is now being made available via select booksellers. So La Luz is throwing a book signing party for us. We are thrilled to be at La Luz, the premiere lowbrow art gallery in Los Angeles, possibly in the world. Gallery Director Matt […]

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Ludovico Technique at Bar Sinister

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This past Saturday, Metropolis recording artist Ludovico Technique played Hollywood’s most continuously running goth club Bar Sinister. Ludovico Technique’s lead singer Ben V is one of the few people who I kinda feel like I know as a human from their digital representation. He was one of the first members of the Blue Blood forums […]

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Star Magazine

Star Magazine

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Whoo-hoo! Agent Aeon just alerted me about being on the cover of Star Magazine this week. A few days ago, a charming editor from Star (who knew they had nice peeps over there?) contacted me about the sexy blue photos Forrest Black and I shot of Adam Lambert. He also interviewed me about my impression […]

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