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Thread: Drowned Out - Spider Stars in Music Video

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    Ron Royster, of Eroticist Films, just directed a music video for a song called Drowned Out, by Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands. The video came out today, in time for Halloween. Crystal Bright is an artist who works in a number of media. Ron Royster captured her band's eclectic vibe nicely with a Transylvanian folklore spooky performance art kind of feel. I'm not sure what is up with the shoe fetish ceiling, but I love the imagery. Any video where the spiders, not only get a closeup, but name...
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    Default Re: Drowned Out - Spider Stars in Music Video

    .....that was good

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    that is the breed of spider that often vies for the honour of being my favourite. the other is the black widow. growing up, i ran across the argiope many times. i found them to be both fascinatingly beautiful yet still dangerous. for many years, i had conflated elements of both the argiope and the black widow into the same spider. i was left with something that looked like the ariope in terms of colouration and body shape but had the red hourglass and venomousness of the widow. while the things we associate with the black widow are well know, it is nice to see a little tidbit about something less well known.

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