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Thread: How stupid can people be?

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    Default How stupid can people be?

    GREENSBURG, Pennsylvania - A case of funny money has ended happily for a woman who had been charged with passing a bogus $200 bill with President George W. Bush's picture on it.

    Prosecutors in Pennsylania's Westmoreland County dropped all charges Friday against Deborah L. Trautwine, 51, after she paid the store in real currency.

    Trautwine "wasn't aware that it ... wasn't actual legal tender," said her attorney, Harry Smail Jr.

    Trautwine could not be reached for comment. A clerk at a Fashion Bug clothing store also thought the bill (worth about euro155) was real and gave Trautwine $100.58 (euro77.84) in change from her August purchase.

    There is no $200 denomination bill, even without Bush's picture on it. None of the recent U.S. presidents has been depicted on the country's currency.

    Police said the bill's phoniness should have been obvious for other reasons. It had a silly serial number DUBYA4U2001 and didn't bear the signature of the Secretary of the Treasurer. Instead, it was "signed" by Ronald Reagan, whose title was "Political Mentor" and by Bush's father, who is listed as "Campaign Advisor and Mentor."

    The back of the phony bill depicted the White House with several signs erected on the lawn, including those reading "We Like Broccoli" and "USA Deserves A Tax Cut."

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    Default Re: How stupid can people be?

    Heh, awesome. Even better than the guys who ran around spending 1000 euro bills.

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    Default Re: How stupid can people be?

    ........ There was a lady in Georgia that tried passing off 1,000,000 dollar bills as legitimate

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    Default Re: How stupid can people be?

    wow. not surprising, but, wow.

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    Default Re: How stupid can people be?

    As long as I can still spend my $4.99 bills with the greatest American ever on them...Colonel Sanders...I'm happy.

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