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Thread: Tentacle Earrings

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    My freezer is approximately half full of frozen tentacles. To put this in perspective, I have a really huge freezer. I like to make homemade frozen dinners and generally have around thirty to fifty of them in there at any given time. Plus ice, the occasional pizza, and all the usual freezer items. And I only have use of just over half my freezer for all that. So that should give you a sense of just how bullish I am on frozen tentacles.

    See, I was going to do this shoot with this girl. And she liked to date guys on the science fiction convention circuit. So someone had drawn a comic of her fucking tentacles. And I was like, OMG, we have to shoot a live action version of this. So I went to the local Korean supermarket and, despite language barriers, succeeded in acquiring a whole lot of aesthetically-pleasing (if you love the look of tentacles) tentacles. Big ones. Only then the shoot ended up not quite coming together. So, if you are a model, and you are a fan of hentai. And you would like to do live reenactment of some tentacle porn for Blue Blood's Erotic Fandom, then please mention that when filling out the Blue Blood Model Application.

    For those of you who love the look of tentacles, but don't want to brave the Korean supermarket, or prefer them not to be perishables which fill your freezer . . . there are the Tentacle Large Gauge Buffalo Horn Earrings from Raygun Robyn.

    Full disclosure: Robyn Raygun is an advertiser. As she has had 290,888 banner impressions so far in December alone, you probably knew that already, gentle reader. Furthermore: Tentacle!
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    Default Re: Tentacle Earrings

    That's a pretty kickass idea for a shoot.

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    Default Re: Tentacle Earrings

    Those are beautiful; I'm totally getting a pair; I had a good week at work.

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    Default Re: Tentacle Earrings

    i humbly request that you post some pics of you wearing them if you do indeed get them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    That's a pretty kickass idea for a shoot.
    The initial model for it flaked to get her ass beaten professionally. Seems to me like tentacles would be way more interesting. Eventually, I think I need to pick someone else for the concept or be doomed to a freezer eternally full of frozen sea monster.

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    Default Re: Tentacle Earrings

    People have strange priorities sometimes.

    'Thinking what else I'd do with a shoot like that. Full hentai anime look, I guess: wide eye contact lenses, and brightly colored hair going in two giant, extension-powered tails. Skimpy schoolgirl uniform or some 'magical girl' thing; something that looks good being forced aside for access. Maybe stick iron wire through one or two tentacles lengthwise so they'll stay in the right shape to pull a pair of panties and otherwise look lively invading their target while handled from off-screen. Maybe a fitting wand or lasergun accessory to be grappled in the background, just out of reach...

    Tentacles rock.

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