Black Spiral Dancer

  1. First tattoo updated
  2. Whitby trip... There i a reaon I had a beard... :D
  3. And again, Whitby...
  4. Another Whitby trip picture.
  5. Picture taken while we were on holiday in Whitby.
  6. The following night...
  7. The morning after...
  8. Scars...
  9. Freshly peeled...
  10. The Outline of my Scars
  11. A recent acquisition. The first & only time my wife will ever get me in something that came from Saville Row in London.
  12. It's only a flesh wound.
  13. Whitby Manic Monday, April 10. Theme, Medieval Knights and Maidens.
  14. Another from Whitby Manic Monday, this time theme being "Night of the Living Dead", so lots of Zombies to bash.
  15. And again, with some friends.
  16. Same night in Whitby, with my lady wife.
  17. In Whitby, at Manic Monday 09. Theme was cowboys and indians.
  18. Once again, at the Charnel House.
  19. At our local Goth Club, The Charnel House.
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