Conversation Between ForrestBlack and Tara Trash

  1. Tara Trash
    Few months?! Damn thats awesome! defenitely gonna get me some of that! =D
  2. ForrestBlack
    Mine lasts a few months, gradually fading. It's very easy upkeep.
  3. Tara Trash
    oh awesome! how is that for fading? ive been using crazy colour and before that, stargazer, both of which i usually have to put more in every couple of weeks or so, or the ends start going an ugly snot-rag green haha
  4. ForrestBlack
    Thank you, it's Special Effects Iguanna Green. I've been using it for at least the last five of six years. It really is a great color.
  5. Tara Trash
    Cheers for the add doll, Rad hair! green is the best colour ever! what brand u got in there? <3 Tara Trash
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