Conversation Between RubyViolence and Black Spiral Dancer

  1. RubyViolence
    I hear that. I actually have a high tolerance for pain and my gf does too so we shall see. hehe I actually just did a tattoo fetish vid in Chicago last week. hehe
  2. Black Spiral Dancer
    Glad you found it informative. I put people under no illusion. It does bloody hurt. You have no concept of how painful something can get until you have your skin sliced off. I have toyed with the idea of getting one of my tattoos turned into a scar, as I wanted it to look like a scar in the first place. (It is the Werewolf: The Apocalypse "Abomination" glyph)
  3. RubyViolence
    Yes I did. Thank you tons. I showed my gf too! I'll let you know when she gets hers done and I might have to get some too. hehe You rock
  4. Black Spiral Dancer
    Did you see my description of my body modification?
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