Conversation Between RubyViolence and juggalo08332

  1. juggalo08332
    Hay its been a long time... Im fine i guess just been dealing with some relationship issues ... im trying to get my life together and settle down but its kinda hard sometimes with the way people all seem to act i find my self asking if its all worth while... well i hope u have been doing better then me... hope to hear from you soon. love your friend Gabriel the angel
  2. RubyViolence
    Hey hon, how have you been?
  3. RubyViolence
    Great, thank you
  4. juggalo08332
    thanks i added you on aim =)
  5. RubyViolence
    Thank you tons for the sweet pic comments also. xoxo
  6. RubyViolence
    Thank you too! I'm RubyViolence on everything. hehe
  7. juggalo08332
    Hay thanks for the nice comment. =) u made me smile *giggles* hit me up om aim im juggalo08332 on everything
  8. RubyViolence
    Hi Juggalo,
    Welcome! Thank you for the sweet pic comment. Very nice to meet you! Don't be a stranger. xoxo Ruby
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