Conversation Between Raza and Tara Trash

  1. Tara Trash
    Haha yeah true, i went to summer darkness one time that was fun, all the goths out in force hehe ;-) and the korsakoff was a cool place, shame about the music tho! =/
  2. Raza
    It's pretty much just us and a couple of friends. The netherlands are pretty boring when it comes to this.
  3. Tara Trash
    Hehehe i love them! it just makes me wonder wtf i was spending my time on in holland, hehe, i never saw anyone as cool as you 2!! X
  4. Raza
    Thanks! Glad you like 'em.
  5. Tara Trash
    Hey dolface! your pics are amazing! you and your lady friend are both amazingly stylish <3 <3 Tara Trash X
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