Conversation Between purplewings and theDragon_svDragcos

  1. theDragon_svDragcos

    I Just Got back in to BB after being Gone the past yr',..
    I Lost my Computer last summer,
    so I've not been back in on the *NET* for a while,
    Hope your doing well, & Hope to catch back up with you soon, OK???...

  2. purplewings
    Hey, thank you for the nice welcome, and nice words, and yes i was looking for that photo, it is a black cincher (underbust corset) worn, i have found it! xXxxXx
  3. theDragon_svDragcos

    LOVE THE EYES,....
    and the POSE is VERY ~ ~ WOOOOOW!!!!

    I just Thought I'de Fly By ~~^^'V'^^
    an' Drop you a Hello, Hope Alls' well with You,...
    ...Keep it Cool, Stay Beautiful as Always,...


    your BlueBlood friend...
    "the Dragon ~ sithveirDragcos".
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