Conversation Between Jax and Black Spiral Dancer

  1. Black Spiral Dancer
    Not too bad. Just got a new bod modification (you may have seen the pics). We moved house and my wife "came out" as a furry. She's also been doing a bit of gothic clothes modelling for a friends' site. I've not been up to much personally.
  2. Jax
    Yeah Im alive and kickin. Yeah I was a welder for awhile, but Im back in school to do mortuary science. Welding is hard on the body and Im not getting younger lol. How have you been otherwise?
  3. Black Spiral Dancer
    As long as you are ok. Last time I recall seeing anything posted by you, you were doing a welding class. How did that go?
  4. Jax
    Yeah Im not really in the 'scene' or modeling thing anymore, too busy with real life=) I just happened to pop on after finding a few Marquis mags to see how everyone was doing.
  5. Black Spiral Dancer
    Great to see you on here. Last time I spent any time on here, you had had enough and were leaving. Glad to see you came back while I was away.

    I've been hanging out on another site (probably not your scene)
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