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Can I use a fake name?

Sure. If you are famous or just like your privacy or enjoy using a net handle, feel free to register with whatever username you like.

Can I sign up under a bunch of different names?


Can I post pictures?

Yes. Once you have reached 25 posts, you may post pictures.

Can I post nude pictures?

Please try to keep mature content in the erotica forum.

Can I post goatse?

Only if you clearly state your post's content in the subject heading.

Can I post links to other sites?

Yes. Once you have 25 posts, you may post links to other sites. Blue Blood supports community. The only sites you may not link to are those which are anti-community.

Can I post video?

Yes, but please honestly identify what is in the video in your post.

Can I post naughty video?

Please try to keep mature content in the erotica forum.

Can I post adult oriented pictures in my user album?

While this isn't really that sort of community, I'm going to say that we will tentatively allow it, so long as you set the album in which you have any 18+ images to be Private - 'Only visible to contacts and moderators.' This setting allows you to show pics to your friends, but not the general public at large.

Can I hotlink?

You have permission to hotlink anything on a Blue Blood site which is not inside a members protected area. Whether you are permitted to hotlink pictures and/or video from sites outside the Blue Blood network will depend on the specific sites. Please check their rules.

Can I use the f-word and be otherwise rude?

Knock yourself out, but please remember there is a fine line between being punk rock and being a fucking dick.

Can I flame other members?

Blue Blood prefers to allow as free speech as possible. No thin-skinned wusses here. That said, if you hate everyone and have no sense of community, you will eventually wear out your welcome.

Can I post my political views now matter how pig ignorant they are?

Sure, but prepare to be flamed.

Can I use the Blue Blood boards to spew libel?


Can I tell people about my band's show, my photo exhibit, my book tour, my great new site etc.?

You may post promotional information in the announcement section. Do not spam the main forums. The only exceptions to this rule are for Blue Blood staff and Blue Blood boards members with over 1,000 posts.

What do I get once I have made 25 posts?

Permission to post links, pictures, and video.

What do I get when I reach 100 posts?

The ability to set a custom title text.

What to I get when I reach 1,000 posts?

Permission to post one time promo announcements in the main forums.

If I have 1,000 posts, can I make one-time announcements for other people in the main forums?


Can I post personal stuff?

You are welcome to post personal information about yourself. You bought a new corset and want to show it off, that is fine. Your dog died and you want sympathy, post away. You are having a party and want to invite Blue Blood folks, you can post your home address. It is up to you.

Can I post personal stuff about other people?


Can I ask other members to post pix of themselves?


Can I flirt with other members?


Can I post to tell everyone how drunk I am?

Sure, but please keep it entertaining.

Can I drunkenly ask other members to post naughty pix of themselves?

Yes, but it is preferred that you post them in the erotica forum.

Can I start forty threads on the same topic?


Can I start forty threads on the same topic if I am drunk?

Still no.

Can I use the Blue Blood boards to search for models?

In light of certain well known tragedies, such as a certain bondage model that was murdered in Canada, there are rules about this. If you are not personally known to the Blue Blood staff as someone safe, you may not ask anyone you find here to model and you may not post model calls. If you shoot for any organization which discourages models from shooting for others without compensating them as contract girls, you may not look for models here. If you are known to the Blue Blood staff to be safe and you do not shoot for publications with anti-community practices, then you may look for models here. Both bans and permissions here include public posting and private contact based on anything found on any Blue Blood site. Email Amelia or Forrest if you are not sure whether you qualify.

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