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  1. Atharaxia
  2. Atharaxia
    HHAHAHAA ok ,no problem good lucky pretty girl!
    please write me!
    es un placer haberte conocido, aunque sea por este medio!
  3. MissCheviousTess
    I will try to show up tomorrow
    I will let You know when I will be on line
    Right now I have to be going, sorry
    But this is how my life is
    Busy and my daily schedule is completely crazy for normal people used to any form of regular lifestyle
  4. MissCheviousTess
    Forgive me,Atharaxia
    It's been a real pleasure talking to You but I will have to be going right now
    I have some duties to attend
    Yes, at this late hour
    I might be very busy at very late hours sometimes
    But I will try to write You and maybe to find some interesting informations for You
    Maybe about Croatia for a start
    If You knew from what city/village Your family orginates we could do some research into Your own roots if You ever wanted to
    I do research family history sometimes for a few organizations operating in USA who look for ancestors in mainland Europe
    If You ever feel the need to learn more about Your onw family in this sense, let me know
    As for now I can tell You a bit about Croatia what I will surely do in my e-mail to You
    Hope to hear from You soon
  5. Atharaxia
    En ningun momento pense que algo no estuviera bien en tu mente...
    lo unico que tenemos en esta vida es la fe,y lo que para los catolicos es herejia para otros es fe y viceversa, a mi me parece que eres de los mas interesante.
    Yo por mi parte no he tenido inguna fe o religion a la que aferrarme o seguir, simplemente creo en el destino.

    Si queres escribime en espaņol y en ingles, entiendo muy bien todo lo que escribes en ingles, tengo una dificultad para escribir en ingles pero no para leer y hablar.
  6. Atharaxia
    encantada buscare Undecimber!gracias por la informacion y tambien visitare helgon.es
    espero encontrar gente con intereses similares, y por supuesto espero encontrate alli a ti tambien!
  7. MissCheviousTess
    I will keep Your e-mail and write You later.
    Maybe I will try in Spanish, ok?
    Don't be scared of me. Everything is fine with my mind.In fact I'm very into hard science, all my family is
    But I have no doubt about who I am and what from whom and where my 200 years old family originates
    And we are pure blood members of Rosicrucian Order from Greece
    So kind of Western Catholics but from the point of view of regular Catholics- we are serious heretics
    And I stress-I haven't chosen this, I was born and raised within this tradition what makes things more serious and deeper thna in case of people who join as through conversion of any sort.As for them I do tent to call them "neophytes" sometimes since they never laern and see things that people like me, in order due to they birth,get to learn and see
  8. MissCheviousTess
    If You like Type O Negative try my friend's band Undecimber on ilike.com
    I don't use msn ( security reasons, sorry. It's my work related issue.It's my duty to keep whatever computer I use away from any hazardous application)
    and You may try to visit sweidsh underground community for people who like dark music helgon.se
    You will find me there but using a different alias than in here
    I do use aliases due to my work, to protect my privacy. As for very personal informations they are for close friends only.
    But seems to me we will make friends so if You ever visit helgon it will be a pleasure for me to talk to You or see You there.
    Not to mention that You could meet people who like similar taste in music as You have and who could help You to improve on Your English
  9. Atharaxia
    Como la serpiente cambia la piel cada medio aņo y vuelve a ser hermosa otra vez....
    you arent old...you are almost EPIC!es un cumplido....
    you are beautifull.
    Me gustaria ver alguna otra foto tuya!
  10. MissCheviousTess
    But as for my age, I wouldn't get too attached to this piece of information since for the first thing- everyone things that I'm much younger, 21-23 at the most (what men say to me. And getting younger looking with age I have to say ;-) Seriously, it freaks people out sometimes but I can't help it. My skin renews itself intensly the way it does like on a snake, in accordance with moon phases. Family trait from my mother's side). Another thing- in fact I'm much older but that's the age of my current let's say "cadaver"- I hope You don't mind little Latin every now and then. This word describes best how I would refer to own 28 years old current body.
    So I'm 28 according to my ID but how old I may appear depends on the situation, on with whom I'm dealing and on how old I want to seem to someone.
    I feel no distance neither dealing with kids/ teens nor when I'm around mature or elderly people
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About MissCheviousTess

Basic Information

About MissCheviousTess
Current Whereabouts
at the heart of Eastern Europe
Originally From
My Life's Calling
whatever You do do it well and get as much fun as You can while doing it
My Ride
mountain bike
My Ideal Ride
a motorbike, a plane or a train.I love trains and trams. I don't care much about cars,I do really prefer flying to driving.
Drink of Choice
hot spicy chocolate,dark beer (preferably Guiness),blackcurrant juice
Yummy to Me
Chinese,Thai, Indian, Vietnamese,Italian food,Belgian and Swiss chocolate, especially dark one,fresh tropical fruits (oranges,lemons, melons etc.), Greek Salad, grilled meat
Where I Shop
everywhere depending on the mood, a lot online but I may as well go to a designer's boutiqe or a flea market
On the Town
too many places to list, local jazz and rock clubs, over few hundreds in my town
Favorite Weapon
pieces of art by Arno Bernard or Koji Hara and similar stuff, crossbows, toxins and my own brain
Favorite Movies
all by Almodovar and Von Trier, one of many: What ever happened to baby Jane?, Elling, Four Rooms, The Hunger, Spy Game
Favorite TV
animal planet,discovery channel- ask me,yes I do watch tv, a lot of American and British shows of my choice, list is long
Favorite Authors
long list, I read a lot,prefer Iberoamerican writers,philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history books-again, ask me for details
Favorite Bands
too many to list in here but for sure Undecimber,Zeritas, Methodcell and many gothic metal and vampire metal bands
Turn Ons
intelligence, good sense of humor, hair, preferably long and naturally red, artistic nature, good manners
Turn Offs
stupidity, vulgarity towards fellow humans,mindless cruelty towards all fellow beings including both animals and humans , among men- moustache and beard, among women-complete lack of feminity ( especially in body movements, way of walking), giggling
Hair Color
Previous Hair Colors
the same I love my natural hair
Toys I Desire
some fancy high tech multi functional gadgets, for my bike or my pc or my HiFi set
Depraved Fantasy
catch me if You can and maybe I'll tell You
Quote or Slogan
I will rest once I'm in the coffin



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