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Basic Information

About DeviantMommy
Current Whereabouts
Mac Town,GA
Originally From
West Palm Beach,FL
My Life's Calling
Currently working retail at Claire's boutique in the local mall,but my true calling is to study under Fakir in San Fransisco and become a professional body piercer.
My Ride
2002 Hyundai Accent,electric blue...I love it,it's my first car
My Ideal Ride
Hmm..Acid Green 54' Chevy,w/ emerald green leather interior and a kickass system,nice
Drink of Choice
Non-alcoholic-Hot chai tea or ice cold water Alcoholic-Blue Moon Ale or Corona w/ Lime
Yummy to Me
Seafood,grilled veggies,rice..chinese food,pesto,pretty much any veggies,rare steak
Where I Shop
I love Target,but mostly thrift stores,and occasionally goth in a box/hot topic
On the Town
I haven't been to a club in forever,I don't even know of any clubs nearby,but back in FL,Respectable Street Cafe just cause of all the great memories
Favorite Weapon
My rapier witt
Favorite Movies
Brat Pack,Labrynth,Neverending Story,Legend,Dark Crystal,Last Unicorn,also Clockwork Orange,Fear&Loathing,Big Lebowski,Fargo,O' Brother,Royal Tenenbaums,Life Aquatic,Garden State,Amelie,You,me&Everyone we know,Greg Araki,Rob Zombie,The Secretary
Favorite TV
LOST,Heroes,The Cooking Network,TLC,Discovery,ADULT SWIM,Sundance,IFC,Comedy Central,The Young Ones,Red Dwarf,Black Adder,Arrested Developement,OZ,Six Feet Under,Nip/Tuck
Favorite Authors
Stephen King (THE DARK TOWER!),Chuck Palahniuk,Poppy Z. Brite,Anne Rice (not so much anymore,but alot when I was a teenager),George Orwell,J.D. Salanger,Silvia Plath,Jack Keroak,Henry Miller,William Burroughs,Irvine Welsh,Neil Gaimen,Clive Barker
Favorite Bands
The Cure,The Smiths,Talking Heads,Bjork,Pixies,Manson,NIN,Apoptygma Berzerk,VnV Nation,Wolfshiem,Funkervogt,MSI,DK,The Queers,B-52's,Peter Murphy,Radiohead,Misfits,Snoop Dogg,Erasure,Tori Amos,ABBA,Sublime,Billie Holiday,New Order,Depeche Mode..etc.
Turn Ons
People who defy stereotypes,women who are outspoken w/out being obnoxious,well-read,articulate individuals who aren't pretentious,boys in eyeliner,corsetry,tattoos,piercings,any bod-mod really,crazy hair color/style,a sence of humor,confidence..
Turn Offs
Pretentiousness,ignorance,prejudice,top 40 radio,PETA activists,republicans,red necks,overpaid celebrities,religious fanatics,emo dorks,gother-than-thou types,stretch pants,LARP/RP,renaissance festivals,D&D,star trek/wars,VTM,magic the gathering...
Hair Color
Long,straight,in dire need of a dye job,black ends,brown roots w/ little whispers of the gray to come
Previous Hair Colors
Toys I Desire
Hellraiser figurines,Living Dead Dolls/babydolls,Spawn Figurines,any vintage toys/lunchboxes etc,anything Hello Kitty,horror movie figures ie: Leatherface,Jason,Freddy..etc.,Rainbow Brite doll..and of course sex toys >=)
Depraved Fantasy
To be a dominatrix for a while,see how it feels..
Quote or Slogan
"Most people are other people,their thoughts are someone else's opinions,their lives a mimicry,their passions a quotation."-Oscar Wilde



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