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Thread: Your Proud Achievements

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    Default Your Proud Achievements

    So, what in your life have you ever thought back on and are most proud of accomplishing? I was thinking about it today after reading Voltaire's Happy Thread..and started to think about what made you get there?

    Some of my most proudest achievements:
    1: Touring along with some big named bands before I was 18

    2: Starting my own company, and have it be successful and extremely popular within a matter of months.

    3: Having been asked by the producers and costume wardrobe to do all of the hair for "Repo! The Genetic Opera" (Although my email was messed up at the time, therefore I did not get a chance to reply back until it was too late..but the thought of them asking me to do a film like that was awesome!)

    4: Our hair being worn in "27 Dresses". (Club scene) :^)

    5: Being able to vend shows, which meant traveling alot!

    6: Getting a royal flush in video poker, and winning the top jackpot! (Only $1,000..but I can scratch that off the Bucket List now!)

    I know there's more..but those are the first that come to mind.

    How about you?

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    VoltaireBlue's Avatar just is
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    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    my greatest achievement was and is learning to love myself, and be comfortable with who I am.

    honorable mention:
    -graduating college. I changed majors five times and thought I'd never get my BA.
    -paying for college all by myself.
    -getting my cosmetology liscense in CA.
    -the boy and I owning our house.
    -continued and constant honing of my dance skills; whether they be stripping, burlesque, or traditional.

    there are others but they are far too personal to share.

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    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    Those are good ones to have! Not everybody can say they went through college AND paid for it themselves. :^)

    How long did it take you to get your cosmo license?

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    VoltaireBlue's Avatar just is
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    the planet zorg.

    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    well, it was a long time ago,lol. I think it took about about a year going to school 40 hours a week. its 1600 hrs for cometology in ca. not sure what it is in ga.

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    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    Not sure. Not looking to get my cosmo license..as it's not really my goal in life.. but I'm sure it's something similar. Although I get all my mannequin heads from cosmo schools who are going to toss them. Recycle! :^)

    Edit: Which is fun when traveling on a plane full of heads in a duffelbag... because it ALWAYS gets opened!

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    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    Awesome guys While that's all very impressive, my list is pretty simple.
    Graduating from high school is a big one for me. I fucked up a lot when I was younger but managed to stick it out.
    NOT letting my drug habit get the best of me is another one. I've seen a few people get carried away and that was enough to make me rethink things.
    And, getting out of an awful relationship. That was a huge test for me. It totally sucked for the first few months and I'm pretty sure I'd have rather been dead than alone(I haven't lived alone since 1995!) but I'm definitely better off.

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    Default Re: Your Proud Achievements

    Voldta,i didnt know you do hair kick ass!I too have had to run around places with bags of heads and weave, fun ya?
    lets see:cant say i have payed off college yet not till 2037 haha sigh...but finishing the bfa was satisfying
    mostly my big accomplishment was going from 5 year janitor in pgh to designer/theaterworker/museum preparator here in santa fe
    also getting over the fear of being evil stepmother to being I think a pretty good step mother
    ahh but the fun one was going from working crowd control(the only job I ever quit) @ the DeYoung years ago to doing a puppet workshop @ the DeYoung and having my old boss open the door for me and remember me from before.

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