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Thread: How do you feel about partys?

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    Default How do you feel about partys?

    I've asked alot of my friends and everyone seems to have different opinions.

    Personally I like small parties with friends/family or atleast groups of people that know each other. Never been a fan of large parties because I get bored easy. Sitting as the fly on the wall with a friend or two watching people break up into little groups to do the same gets rather boring. If im going to be spending hours and hours of my time I feel weird if nothing really gets done.

    Alcohols fun and lubricates the social experience but when you have tons of people who have decided not to just get buzzed but really drunk. Drama always ensues. Fights, yelling, weird people all over you. Its funny for awhile but then the party usually degenerates into "LOL SO RANDOM XD" behavior.

    Ah im a party pooper.

    lol what're your thoughs?

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I only like large parties if I can perch somewhere to watch people interact with each other.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    If i don't personally know at least one third of the population of said party, i'm not likely to go. i much prefer parties where if i am going to get pinned against a wall chatting with whatever the tide washes against me, it's at least going to be people i WANT to talk to.


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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    At least you acknowledge that leaving before a party has started means you're a party pooper, right, right? :[

    Defiantly depends on the type of environment. Since I hardly ever go to any parties, if I know the type of people there are cool, I am down with actually socializing (wait, what?) being friendly, having fun, and meeting new people.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I'm on same level as Velvet Tongue.

    I only really like party if it is with small group of people that know each other or family.

    As for large party, since I don't drink (serious addict problem) and can't stand drunk people, social lubricate is out of the window for me. Also since I usually am the one who is fully sober, alert, and aware of my surrounding and situation, I usually end up babysitting people I know. Not my idea of fun.

    Same goes for clubbing.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I like huge benders.............and only in public places

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    meh, I like get together.

    If I wanted to get drunk and hang around with weird people I didn't know, I'd just cash beers on the bus. funny how one is deemed as the height of social phenomenon, and the other one is sad and pathetic, but they are really the same thing.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I'm not one for house parties. I always feel a bit out of my element. I'd much rather go out to a bar or club or rave or something like that.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I'm a little on the anti-social side when there isn't a computer between me and other people. I usually end up at small bars or one or two of the bigger clubs in my area with my group of friends and tend to stick around the table we secured and watch the drunks try to dance.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    I like parties, especially bigger ones with lots of people. I've got a rather high threshold for social interest, so for there to be a handful of people I'll want to talk to, there'll probably have to be a couple hundred to start out with. Small get togethers with friends are good, but that's generally the afterparty. Family is a no go; my family consists entirely of boring normal people.

    Good music and a dance floor are a must, otherwise you end up sitting around doing nothing at those moments in between conversations (and getting bored at any point kills off your ability to solve that very same problem later), but an area where you can actually hear each other is equally mandatory.

    Alcohol's not really my thing; too much of it makes people stupid and annoying, and it gets you tired way before the party should be over anyway. It's ok if you've got speed or coke with it, but then you also need to drink a lot more, so that's a recipe for a major hangover at relatively little gain. I prefer ecstasy/MDMA with just enough uppers to keep me fresh, and/or psychedelics like K and LSD if I'm partying outdoors with the hippies.

    Shows are a plus. Bands, kinda overrated. Excessive security is a moodkiller, and frankly, any security beyond having one or two people in the bar/ticket staff capable of throwing out a drunk if really necessary is excessive. Overly commercial venues are a pain, too. And it should be a scene where people are at least somewhat inclined to get dressed up; if not at least one on every 40-50 people registers as eyecandy I'll get bored with having nothing to look at.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about partys?

    There's gotta be dancing for it to be a really good time. I looooooove to dance as do my partners. So clubbing is usually what we do. But I do have a very large swimming pool that becomes the biggest hot tub this side of the Mississippi when I heat it up- clothing optional of course!

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