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Thread: Insomnia sucks.

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    Clockwork Jello's Avatar Droog
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    Feb 2009

    Default Insomnia sucks.

    Anyone else suffering from it? I am..

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    Dusk's Avatar Senior Member
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    May 2008

    Default Re: Insomnia sucks.

    Welcome to the club, unfortunately no membership cards yet xD

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    Xavialune's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2009

    Default Re: Insomnia sucks.

    I have suffered from it since I was a teen. Nothing has ever worked for me. I've been addicted to sleeping pills of all kinds, tried herbal teas, tried meditation (not good to meditate to sleep actually), tried music and dreamscapes..all that stuff. I know its psychological, because when I don't *have* to go to sleep, I usually fall asleep. When I do, I think about too much, my mind goes crazy, not to mention the fact there is ALWAYS a song in my head, maybe even more than one at a time. Its nuts.

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    malcolm's Avatar the bored one.
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    May 2005
    Memphis originally

    Default Re: Insomnia sucks.

    yeppers. im on a weird sleep schedule lately where ill be up for like a day and a half then pass out and do it all over again. it's been mainly cus my mom's in the hospital right now and im stuck in this house all by myself, my bff says i have autophobia or something cus im not comfortable being completely by myself.

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    Mr Karl's Avatar Senior Member
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    Sep 2004

    Default Re: Insomnia sucks.

    yeah actually, lastnight was the first time in a long time that I had trouble sleeping

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