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Thread: What's everyone reading?

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    VoltaireBlue's Avatar just is
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    Sep 2005
    the planet zorg.

    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    mansfield park, by jane austen.(again)

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    under ground under stated
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    Mar 2011
    bremerton, washington

    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    Been reviewing some worn goods lately.. busted out kahlil gibrans the prophet . Also the book of the law by aliester crowley. Also reviving ophelia.a non fiction on adolescent psychology in the modern culture . Also startup second edition guide to event services..

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    I've moved so many times I'm not so sure anymore.

    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    Quote Originally Posted by mystoo View Post
    I just finished reading that Sierras. It bored the absolute shit out of me for the 1st 350 pages. The 2nd one is pretty interesting right from the start. I'm gonna wait until I'm done the books before I see any movies. On a side note, I don't think I like Trent Reznors and Karen O's cover of the Immigrant Song.
    Oh really? I haven't read much of it yet to be honest, (too busy party rocking) but it didn't seem to be too boring.
    I'm more excited for the second book because I don't know what's going to happen. I usually like to read the novel before I watch the movie
    based on it.

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    My home is everywhere and nowhere. I am the quintessential hobo.

    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    I finally jumped on the George R. R. Martin "Game of Thrones" bandwagon... but in my defense, I claim business/artistic motives: I'm scrutinizing the competition!

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    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    the latest game of thrones book is alright............so how long's it going to be for the next one...another 6 years?

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    Default Re: What's everyone reading?

    "The Coming of the Civil War" - Avery Craven. I'm on a "War of Northern Aggression" kick.

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