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Thread: i got white knighted!

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    and the porridge was just
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    Default i got white knighted!

    three cheers for self righteous people with no life!
    i went inside my classroom building for 30 minutes and 6 girls called animal control (i left my dog outside) and the police and told them she had been out there for 4 hours.
    i didn't get in trouble at all, but i got an attempted lecture on morals.
    people are fantastic

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    Default Re: i got white knighted!

    I know. Makes me puke.

    You should have told them that your dinner was none of their business, and that you'd wok your dog however you like.

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    Default Re: i got white knighted!

    *snickers at Buster*

    Yeah. I got somehting similar once, went inside a gas station with my Doberman in my Jeep. Came out and some hippy was petting him through the window...which was fine, until she tried to lecture me about letting my dog run free and blahblahblah.

    "Oh yeah, great idea, I'll just let my not-even-a-year-old dog run free, right into traffic, so he can play bumber puppy with all the friendly cars!"

    I then ignored and almost ran the bitch over driving off.

    Recommendation? Steal a car and run over the next people to annoy you. Makes you feel much better.

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    Default Re: i got white knighted!

    My friend had a cat that his mum never let out side unless it was in its run so it wouldnt kill any idiginous wildlife. One day this cat gets out and me and my friend go after it to bring it back cos we figure it wont know jack shit about the outdoors and we didnt want anything to happen to it.
    Anyway this hippy lady calls the cops on us because we where chasing this cat because she thought we where going to tourture and kill it, just because the week before some teenagers did do that to a cat.

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    Default Re: i got white knighted!

    ummm...what does "white knighted" mean? I thought that meant you became an honorary member of the moody blues

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