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Thread: Dude!?

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    Default Dude!?

    I'm sure all of you know about he shootings Thursday. Well, because of my car being stolen last Saturday, my orders were canceled and I'm still at Hood. Oddly enough, I was at the building of the shootings 30 minutes before they happened and had only left the post to run errands all of 10 minutes before it happened. This place was a mess yesterday, I was stuck off post waiting to get back on with a few dozen other people at the visitor's center just outside the main gate (where all the media people were).

    I still can't believe this shit happened. Luckily no one knew was there. I'm also glad to see that a nearby level 1 trauma center hospital and a Red Cross center had to actually turn people away because they couldn't handle the number of people coming to donate blood. My friend at the hospital said he blood donation area was still packed through the day today. Obviously, since I never stop getting tattoos fo more than a month or so, I'm disqualified from donating, which sucks since I'm a universal donor.

    I don't know though, it seems to me like this was just some jerk off pissed off because he was being deployed at the end of the month. He's a shrink! It's not like he'd be on the front line or anything. There's a lot to this guy that contradicts everything else about him, but because the army wouldn't let him out of his contract, which he knew could mean going to Iraq or Afghanistan when he signed up, he goes and kills 12 soldiers and a civilian police officer contracted to work on post. Add 30 some more soldiers wounded. Just because he's Muslim and opposes the war. I personally know a few Muslims that I was in Iraq with, and most people in the military do oppose the war, but you know what, we still go because we signed on 20-odd dotted lines and took an oath.

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    Default Re: Dude!?

    That's a really disgustingly sad situation. Maybe the guy was so sick of listening to other peoples problems, he went crazy? Who knows. Glad to hear you were fortunate to have been away from the area while it happened.

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    I'm certainly glad you didn't get caught up in the middle of that ugly ugly situation. it sounds just horrible.

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    Yeah, my main complaint about that guy is that he signed up to be a soldier. If he was some regular muslim fighting against what he considered his enemy, that's one thing. But if you sign up to be in the military, you are signing up to be a soldier. To go and potentially have to kill other people. It's like killing people at your Domino's Pizza job, because you have to deliver pizzas. It's like, "Yeah, DUH! That's what we do!"

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    As soon as I heard that I thought about you. Good to hear you're alive. That shit is fucked up.

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