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Thread: Cinco de Mayo

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    Default Cinco de Mayo

    Okay, so, I'm bored out of my mind, trying to stay awake while sitting behind a desk, missing out on my usual 'Rita Wednesday with some of my friends. Then I realize it was Cinco de Mayo. And then I start wondering (never a good thing to begin with) what the hell is everyone celebrating. So I looked it up.

    Yeah, appears that all it is is a rememberance of some time a little Mexican army defeated a bigger, better French army in ONE battle. And, the only part of Mexico that considers it a holiday is Pueblo, because, well, that's where the battle was. So, now, nearly everyone uses the 5th of May as an excuse to get drunk for something that had no impact on anything. I think this goes right there with Saint Patrick's Day as an unneeded excuse to get trashed, listen to different music than what would normally be listened to, and eat awesome food.

    Then again, I'll drink to beating up some French assholes any day. And on a completely unrelated note, I did eat Mexican food on my way into work this morning, but cherizo and tortillas need no special excuse to be eaten.

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