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Thread: Collide Song Slither Thing on True Blood

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    Default Collide Song Slither Thing on True Blood

    kaRIN and Statik from Collide are very excited their song "Slither Thing" will be used in this week's upcoming episode of True Blood, the second episode of the new season. I believe KCRW radio DJ Gary Calamar is still the music supervisor for True Blood and these sorts of music choices are just one of the reasons the vampires of Bon Temps remains sexy and cool, while other vampire shows just make viewers roll their eyes...
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    Default Re: Collide Song Slither Thing on True Blood

    Man, I haven't heard collide in a long time… probably in ten years. Great tune!

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    Default Re: Collide Song Slither Thing on True Blood

    i think collide is one of those bands that has had their music featured on many tv shows to little or no recognition over the years. it is great for getting them exposure but, i really wish that they recieved more recognition for it. and im still bitter that the folks who put together the "almost alice" cd for the recent alice in wonderland movie chose to go with the original version of "white rabbit" rather than collide's stunningly ethereal, yet hard-edged, cover version of the song.

    ive been a fan of collide for a long time. i still remember ordering cd singles o a nascent world wide web/internet, while waiting for their first full length cd to come out. and when that and a few subsequent orders i placed with them arrived, i even recieved a handwritten and signed thank you note from the band.

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