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Thread: Lady Gaga Porn Trailer

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    Default Lady Gaga Porn Trailer

    This trailer for Hustler's Lady Gaga parody porno is, oddly enough, safe for work. If you can't figure out that the link to This Ain't Lady Gaga on Hustler, on the other hand, is NSFW, then there is no help for you.

    I haven't watched the full naked Lady Gaga...
    Read the full article

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    Default Re: Lady Gaga Porn Trailer

    I'm really into porn and keep up with a lot of different blogs so I get to hear about everything coming out...and I'm getting really, REALLY sick of porn parodies and "This Ain't...[insert random bullshit here]."

    But, saying that, I thought the trailer was funny, and the production value is really impressive for a Hustler porno. I'll probably end up watching it. :P

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    Default Re: Lady Gaga Porn Trailer

    Considering I don't even find Lady Gaga attractive in the least, I'm not about to bother watching it. Honestly, I'm just sick of parodies all together, not just porn but actual cinema.

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    Default Re: Lady Gaga Porn Trailer

    Ok, I do like Gaga but even if I didn't, I wouldn't watch this and I have done adult work for Hustler, magazine wise. I think the Hustler Parodies are getting way too out of control. I refuse to watch them. The true blood parody really annoyed me too even though I have a friend in it. Ugh. Stop with the parodies. Not funny or sexy

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