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Thread: beginning of new tattoo project

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    Default beginning of new tattoo project

    ok so this is the start of my new tattoo, 4 hours deep so far, and an hour and half to go, then we are going to start on some madagascar hissing cockroaches to add to it.

    work was done by Alex Moreno at the shop i work at Starlight Tattoo Las Vegas. =] i absolutly love it, ill post more pics as it progresses. prolly do more on monday =]

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    I've moved so many times I'm not so sure anymore.

    Default Re: beginning of new tattoo project

    Oooh, wow, that's really well done. It'll be cool to see it when the cockroaches are added in.

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    Default Re: beginning of new tattoo project

    Dark moth. Pretty cool. I like the depth on it.

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    Default Re: beginning of new tattoo project

    nice work! love it.
    thank you,

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