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Thread: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

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    Default Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    How far would you go if threatened?

    I've been thinking about this a bit extra due to Game of Thrones. For example, does it make sense to kill suckling infants for fear that, when they grow up, they might want your job? What if their success meant you'd probably have to be dead, not just fired? Some of the characters are ready to go the distance for kind of whatever, no matter what the cost, and some have only a few things they will rouse themselves to protect.

    I have the notion...
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    Default Re: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    I have, on one occasion, actually stabbed someone in self defense. Several other times I've felt compelled to pull my knife and I wouldn't have pulled it if I wasn't ready to use it. I've been in more fights than I can count both professional and extra-curricular.

    However I believe that we make our own ways, so if someone told me "That baby's gonna grow up to fuck up your life" I'd probably laugh and say "Well then I got at least a dozen years to make sure that don't happen..." and walk away.

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    Default Re: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    I have read to many Greek tragedies to even think of killing babies to defend my throne. No, i would just buy these kids PlayStations and junk-food so they were too weak, lazy and inattentive to come at me.

    "Will one day over throw me eh? Send him to ICP concerts and tell him school is for chumps. Give him a free lifetime supply of Mt. Dew and axe body spray. And the revolution will crumble..."

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    Default Re: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    So this kid is going to grow up and beat me at, what? Wacky styling and unrestrained hedonistic? And I end up dead at their hands in the process?

    Sounds like a sexy story. I think I'd just play it out.

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    Default Re: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    good god no.........that would get boring

    Game of thrones is alright, but it sure is a messed up story

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    Default Re: Question: How far would you go if threatened?

    The only way I can see myself actually seriously hurting or killing someone would be to defend myself or someone I loved. And they'd have to be in some pretty serious danger. I'm nonviolent, I'm sure if I ever had to defend myself like that I'd be haunted by it.

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