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Thread: 20 Things...

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    Default 20 Things...

    Nobody wants to hear following: "I LOVE YOU,"

    1. “...but not like THAT.”

    2. “Sarah.... I mean Sharon, er Susan! Sorry! Sorry! I said Susan!”

    3. “And that’s why I’m going to cane you.”

    4. “So.... can lend me hundred bucks and your car keys?”

    5. “....for not calling the police.”

    6. “Okay! There! I said it! You happy now?”

    7. “....like a brother.... if you don't believe me, just ask him.”

    8. “....but that will still be sixty dollars and not without a rubber.”

    9. “So darling, please put down the steak knife.”

    10. “And that’s why I’m asking you to put zit cream on my ass.”

    11. “But I love your sister a bit more.”

    12. “Now can you shut the fuck up and get me a beer so I can watch football?”

    13. “But you still can't have my Hello Kitty.”

    14. “....but I’m not IN love with you.”

    15. “....almost as much as my XboX.”

    16. “Now can you please go and put the garbage out?”

    17. “... you are being billed $6.99 a minute. Please hold the line.”

    18. “So... I get your employee discount, right?”

    19. “.....which is why I want to share with you the joys of multi-level marketing.”

    20. "....but what do you mean by you 'used' to be a man?!?!

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    Default Re: 20 Things...

    .......... those are good

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    Default Re: 20 Things...

    yeah and a one I have done and one has been doen to me. I did the number 2...(DOH that is going to have so many repercutions you fool you set yourself up for mockery dammit!) and I have had #14 done to me. those were good hempster

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