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Thread: dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

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    Default dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

    from newsday

    Rapper DMX arrested on Westchester highway

    NORTH CASTLE, N.Y. (AP) _ Rapper DMX was arrested for allegedly speeding and driving with a suspended license on a Westchester County highway, a week after pleading guilty to plowing through an airport parking gate while on drugs.

    The 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was pulled over on Interstate 684 at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday. State Trooper Jeffrey Pitkewitz said he clocked Simmons driving 104 mph in a 65 mph zone.

    Because his license had been suspended after the airport incident, Simmons was arrested on charges of third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation. State police said he was also charged with speeding and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

    Simmons was released on $350 bail and was scheduled to appear in North Castle Town Court on Jan. 18.

    In the June 24 incident at Kennedy Airport in Queens, Simmons was charged with smashing into a gate after telling a parking lot attendant he was a federal agent. He later admitted to being on Valium at the time.

    Simmons was sentenced to a conditional discharge, meaning further violations within a year could land him in jail. He also was fined and ordered to forfeit his 1998 Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle.

    The Queens district attorney's office said it was investigating whether Wednesday's incident violated the terms of Simmons' discharge.

    Simmons' lawyer, Murray Richman, said could not comment because he had not talked to the rapper about the incident.

    In 1999, DMX was fined and ordered to make public service announcements for the Humane Society after police found crack pipes, a pistol and 13 pit bulls at his home.

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    Default Re: dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

    i love him. i think he's funny as all hell. he's been arrested more times then me. i really find that hard to believe.

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    Default Re: dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

    fuck this guy. he should be doing about 200 years in jail for all those crimes. another example of how rich celebrities are above the law. makes me sick.

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    Default Re: dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

    Gee, this story makes me lose some of the IMMENSE amount of respect I had for him (can you smell the sarcasm?). I mean, who would have guessed he was capable of such things? Its all very shocking, I think I have to be alone and process this devestating information

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    Default Re: dmx is not a very safe driver apparently

    He should be treated the same as everyone else and then, because he is in the public eye and could be taken as a role model, have his sentence doubled.

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