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Thread: Seems to be a trend...

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    Default Seems to be a trend...

    From Yahoo News
    DAYTON, Ohio - A man is suing a fast-food restaurant operator for more than $50,000, claiming he found a slice of skin on his chicken sandwich.

    David Scheiding filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court on April 1 after rejecting a settlement offer from GZK Inc., his lawyer said. GZK owns the Arby's restaurant in Tipp City where he bought the sandwich.

    Scheiding said he realized something wasn't right when he bit into the sandwich on June 18 and found a piece of flesh about three-fourths of an inch long.

    "It looked like I was seeing fingerprints on it," he said. "I got sick and went to the bathroom."

    Miami County health investigators talked to the restaurant manager, who had a bandage on his right thumb and wore a latex glove, according to a health district report. The manager said he sliced skin from the thumb while shredding lettuce, and sanitized the area but didn't throw away the bin of lettuce, the report said. Scheiding's sandwich contained lettuce.

    "Why wasn't the food searched, and why wasn't it thrown away?" said Scheiding's lawyer, Hank Hyde.

    Christine Koeller, vice president of marketing and communications with GZK, said what happened was unintentional.

    "(The manager) did destroy product that was in and around the slicer immediately, and did everything that he thought was appropriate to do," Koeller said.

    Ok..so..the finger in the chili...the skin on sandwhich at arbys....this is just to prove that either people see the news and copy it to get easy money...or fast food restraunts are conspiring to get rid of ex employees ~_*

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    killerkat's Avatar Malice?
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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    that's pretty funny.......

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    TheDeathKnight's Avatar Senior Member
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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    I'd bet you there is a connection between those two guys somehow...

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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    Nice! I gotta figure out a way to get mine!

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    Ichigo's Avatar Senior Member
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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    I think suing people should be banned, or at least for ridiculous reasons such as this.

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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    anyone want to buy some real flesh human one I have it on a black market.... well.... it's new fashion in Sweden... they specially like flash from foregin people

    p.s. they make good kebab from it!

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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    I think I should sue the person who invented suing Thats big bucks right there. And as for Toe Cutter trying to find a way to get his suage (sewage..heh..) on...try..um...cutting toes and putting them in Sonic fries.

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    Kidthorazine's Avatar hippiepotsmoker
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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    I believe in suing people in companies for the right reasons because it helps to keep big corporations in check but its been serverely abused in the lasst few years i think the country has waaaaay to many lawyers with nothing to do so they talk people into suing over stupid shit

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    Default Re: Seems to be a trend...

    Well I'm suing Johnny Rockets cause I found a nail on my Route 66 burger.

    Well not really. I found a nail inside the meat, but I'm not suing. I've worked on fast foods and pieces of human body inside of food can be a lot better than eating churros made on a rats-and-roaches-floating-in-boiling-oil fryer. Now THAT was gross...

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