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Thread: Odd Ticket from police

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    Default Odd Ticket from police

    Me and some friends went out to the bar tonight...We took my Lincoln....So I played the good friend and didnt drink...When we left the bar I told everyone we could just drive around...

    We had NO alcohol in the car and this cop had been following me from the time we left...I had the car riding low on the bags I wasnt scraping or dragging NOTHING...

    He pulled me over and because he thought I had been drinking....When I pulled over and got stopped I dropped the car to the ground got out my license Insurance and registration...The cop asked if I had been drinking and I told him no...He asked me to get out of the car and figured out I wasnt drunk...So he wrote me a ticket for what he said "Your car is sitting too low"

    I laughed and asked what law that was covered under....In ALL my time of lowriding I have never heard of such a law...My ticket says Wreckless driving....I plan to fully go to court and fight this Bullshit ticket...
    Any other takes on this....

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    it is.....

    i got the same ticket when i lived in Memphis AND Knoxville.....

    i don't have bags,but she scraps on everything....but the roads are soo good in TN,they didn't there.....

    but he was still bein' a dick....

    it usally works,by the hight of the headlight....so technickly i coulda fought mine,'cus my lights sit up high.....but they might have other shit too...

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    That sucks. Sorry about that. I don't know anything about lowriding so I am not much help there. Just wanted to say thank you for driving your friends around and not drinking. I live in a college town and maybe 20 people or so get picked up for dwi every night.

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    dude. sounds like to me he was jsut wanting to write you one to be a dick. I flicked a cigarette butt out in scottsdale out here and got pulled over and got my butt reemed for like fifteen minutes by one of them fucking boys scouts only cuz I had a mohawk and was driving at night coming home from work. he didnt even write me a fucking ticket cuz he got called in on something.

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    I would fight it too. some cops can be real duche bags.

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    I got pulled over in Detroit in my 1967 Buick Electra, and the cop told me he pulled me over for improper seatbelts. (no shoulder strap) They were not standard in '67 and when I pointed that out to him he wrote me up not only for the seatbelt infraction but some bullshit he called incivility (rudeness).

    Point is..........cops suck.


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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    i got a ticket for "Ilegal Explosives" all i had were sparklers

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    There's a guy in Kansas City that's fighting a drunk driving charge. He has knee and back problems, he's also missing his top teeth and so he had a slur in his speech. Breathalyzer came back 0.0, and his tox screen came back negative on every known drug. But he failed the walking test because of his knees. The District Attorney of Raytown (suburb of KC) is still prosecuting the case anyways.

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    Default Re: Odd Ticket from police

    that sucks.....I dunno if this would apply in the states but here in the UK if you are ignorant of a crime, i.e. you had no idea it was illegal (within reason of course) you can't be convicted of it. the police hate goths and car modders here too.....however I have little fear of the west midlands police, as I am white.....though they are probably so fucking inbred they can't tell the difference any more hehehe

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