We all know the story...big Hollywood flick tanks so bad it's considered one of the worst films since light hit film. Blah blah blah.

What's funny about this film though is that Oliver Stone has taken it as a chance to pull a "do over" in his DVD release. You get not 1...but 2 editions!...yay?

You can see the "boring as watching paint dry on paint" Theatrical Edition...or...The "Faster Paced", "Newly Inspired", and "Action Packed!" version that Stone cut to save his career and make soem $$$ back. He'll need it for his 9/11 flick....

I'll buy the film sometime next week but what I really want to see is if this is successful...we've all screwed up at one point and we all have that one thing we'd like to redo...and while it may not be a multi million dollar film...it's probably jsut as costly in terms of emotion. I could be very negative and cynical about Stone...but I honestly think he's one of the few directors that really wants his film to be more than they start out as...he's able to do what few directors can...put human passion and intensity on screen. He did it in Salvador, Platoon, Wall Street, NBK, and to a lesser degree U-Turn and Heaven & Earth. Talk Radio was good too though he had one hell of a collaborator for that.

I really hope his new cut redeems the film...it's a hell of a chance and hopefully other directors get the same chance...cause with schedules that are frankly INSANE to produce quality films...they'll need it. It's sad that less and less time is left to craft a film these days and maybe this is the only way for projects to be "fully baked' as it where...on DVD.

After all David Lynch is back in the editing room overseeing his cut of Dune...the DVD was suppose to hit a while back but has been delayed since Lynch wants the directors cut to be just that...his cut. Needless to say this is VERY interesting since his age and skill now is WAY ahead of his skill when he took the project on originally...and it could very well turn out to be the film it SHOULD have been.