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Thread: In bed last night...

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    Mother Superior
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    Default In bed last night...

    I was having these flashbacks to childhood. Are there any phrases,songs or any other childhood games you remember from elementary or school in general? I remember the kids would ask if you liked butter and then rub dandelions on you and make you all yellow.

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    Default Re: In bed last night...

    They used to do that with buttercups, too, but buttercups are poisonous if eaten.

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    Default Re: In bed last night...

    I heard if you put dandelions under your nose and your nose turns yellow, you are suppoused to like butter.

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    Default Re: In bed last night...

    there's the strawberry scented air freshern the daycare ispent alot of time at used. now every time i smell it i get flash backs watermania and teh skating rink.


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    Default Re: In bed last night...

    everytime i smell honey suckles. i think about times walking with my mother & she would pick them cause they smell so sweet. we get them alot during the summer.
    feeling so close to her. good memories

    cartoons make me remember watching tv in myparents room when i was a child.

    old country music,80's songs, & the beatles make me think of childhood a lot too. oh especially ACDC. i cant listen to thunderstruck without remembering running around my house screaming the song when i was a child & my dad would play it.

    anyhow. yeah i'm pretty nostalgic.

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    Default Re: In bed last night...

    I remember in primary school, this one kid used to always grab the flowers off the capeweed (they look like little yellow daisies with black centres) and he'd stick his thumbnail into it just under the flower, singing "_____ went to school and their head popped off". Then he'd flick the flower off the stem.

    His friend, when he was really little (2nd grade, thereabouts) used to walk around singing "One, two, three, four, Lift your leg and let it roar" then he'd push out a fart.

    *shakes head*

    I also remember me and my cousins who went to my school used to tape the episodes of Tintin off the TV, and we'd bring the video to school to watch it the next day. lol.

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