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Thread: Whatcha Think?

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    Default Whatcha Think?

    So inspired by Rockwulf's recent thread on his 3d art..i decided to start opening my 3d prog's as well.
    Whatcha think?


    they're big photos, 1024 x 768 , so i decided to let you click on it instead.
    All 3D, no photoshoppin.

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    Default Re: Whatcha Think?

    very niiiice... wait a minute... what's this got to do with beer?

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    Default Re: Whatcha Think?

    thats kool Voldta ,what kind of software pro did ya use tho??
    just curious

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    Default Re: Whatcha Think?

    they're good, I like the first one better

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    Default Re: Whatcha Think?

    neeeeato voldta i like!! that first one reminded me of liquid mercury... yum!

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