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Thread: i'm back!

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    the_darkness_calls's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jul 2005
    Maine, but not Portland

    Default i'm back!

    hey all... i know i haven't been around in a few months, we haven't had internet. but i'm back to stay, and i missed you all.... damn, now i have to catch up and see what's goin on, but it;s good to be back!!

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    TheQuietPlace's Avatar The Delivery Expert
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    Jul 2004
    The 253, WA

    Default Re: i'm back!

    Its good to have you back!! Glad to hear you're doing good!

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    Morning Glory's Avatar Apathetic Voter
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    Sep 2004
    Campbell's (or is it Warhol's?) Primordial Soup

    Default Re: i'm back!

    I guess elliot smith put out a new cd and people weren't impressed.

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    Apr 2006
    somewere in Nebraska

    Default Re: i'm back!

    Wb .i dont think i would do to well without internet ,,
    hell i dont get much time on my comp any more as it is it seems

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    mmmcherry's Avatar CHERRALICIOUS!!!
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    Aug 2005
    kamloops bc canada

    Default Re: i'm back!


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