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Thread: salutations...

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    Dec 2006
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    Default salutations...

    Hey members of this creative stomping ground, my name is Treanna Dawn, and I've been associating myself with the gothic subculture for 11 years and counting! I have oogled the pages of this site FOREVER, and have finally decided to join the forum.

    About me:

    I'm a 25 year old model from Denver, Colorado. I am curorrently working with Sean Hartgrove who does work with ************ (i've heard too many bad things about SG to want to model for them) LegWorld, Playboy and quite a few more. I'm working on jump-starting my career in the next couple of months, by working my way into H2ocean tattoo aftercare ads.

    What else? hmmm...I'm a very petite scorpio woman who can be your best friend or worst enemy...but I'm not here to make enemies...I'm looking to connect to new people. yep.

    So...if you're interested in knowing more about me, let me know, otherwise. hello, good day, and all good stuff

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    KilLAtomiK's Avatar Ceci n'est pas une pirate
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    Default Re: salutations...

    Ahoy there welcome aboard, hows the snow out there right now, and fellow Scorpios FTW

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    mmmcherry's Avatar CHERRALICIOUS!!!
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    kamloops bc canada

    Default Re: salutations...

    sooo many new people lately here! hii
    H2ocean ive heard is great stuff... i love that they have the spray bottle aftercare stuff. very handy. (although ive never used it myself... *sad* i would totally get the piercing aftercare spray when i get my corset piercings )

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    Nov 2006

    Default Re: salutations...

    Welcome, good to know ya, and hello, how are you doing this fine day?

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    Default Re: salutations...

    Treanna... what a pretty name!

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    Default Re: salutations...


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    Default Re: salutations...

    Welcome to the 'Blood. I'm also a scorpio. Go us!

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