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Thread: alcoholic candies

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    Default alcoholic candies

    so, it just took me a good 2 full minutes to figure out how to post a new thread on here. im slightly buzzed off a few alcoholic chocolate candies. they are cherries with brandy that come from Germany. im not a big drinker and have like no tolerance for the stuff. i really will only drink the occasional bottle of absinthe when i can get it

    but anyways, my reason for posting is to ask if this even counts as really drinking?

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    Default Re: alcoholic candies

    no..and neither does drinking fake absinthe... unless of course your talking about the real deal

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    Default Re: alcoholic candies

    ugh.. well I guess if you get pulled over and the cops gives you a breathalizer and you say, "oh, I just ate 57 alcohol filled candies, I haven't been drinking" then you are going to jail.

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    Default Re: alcoholic candies

    alcoholic candy.... yum, im quite fond of bourbon balls myself, dont think id like anything with brandy though.

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