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Thread: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

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    Default Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    Only because Charlotte was the coolest spider I knew in fourth grade. xD

    What do you do?
    I quit my job at the zoo so I'm jobless. 8D And the town I live in is so small I can't find another a job... The zoo was in another city.
    Hobbies: Drawing; sleeping; collecting My Little Ponies, Sanrio plushies, anything cute, and plush rabbits (yay for Easter sales! ); reading (from fairy tales to essays to DnD novels to manga to the back of your shampoo bottles); and I'm sure I do more that I just can't think of when it's thrown at me as a question x:

    Where are you from?
    Alabama 8D But I live in North East Florida (currently), I'll be in Tampa in half a year

    Who is your favorite author?
    Poppy Z. Brite and Francesaca Lia Blocke (and the Grimm brothers)

    What are your favorite films?
    Jurasic Park, Howl's Moving Castle, House of 1000 Corpses, Rock A Doodle, and The Neverending Story

    What music do you want played at your wedding?
    I'm not sure yet, I want a mix of a bit of things

    At your funeral?
    Same as number 5

    This IS a gothic website, so... how do you want to die?
    Not the way my boyfriend's ex-fiance did (brain annuerism in the bathtub)...
    And I'm pretty convinced I'm going to die at the age of 21 in a car accident (hence why I don't drive yet).
    I think I'd prefer to die by being eaten alive by zombies, but I doubt that'll happen. Maybe a brain annuerism isn't such a bad way to go. :/

    What kind of casket would you want?
    Oooh...the same one I saw when I was in sixth grade and my dad worked for a funeral home: it was one of the pink ones that had a pink satin interior and pink lacey pillow. That thing was so awesome. Who gets burried in pink caskets? Everyone always gets black.

    What's your FAVORITE outfit?
    Oh no, you're gonna make me pic a favourite? D: I really like my Meta white lace skirt and this random white lace shirt with a black corset over it, white tights, and my Pleaser boots.

    What's one thing you miss about being a little kid?
    Running through the woods and climbing trees, playing in the mud and creaks. There's not much like that where I live now as there was in Alabama. :C

    What's your favorite band?
    Deathstars and Deadstar Assembly and Eisbrecher (I'm also growing partial to Devil Driver)

    What kind of education do you have? What is/was/will be your major?
    I just graduated from highschool a week ago. :] Then I want to either be an animator for Disney, a funeral director, a wedding planner, or...a houswewife. o: Women are never housewives anymore... :C

    Yes, I basically reposted the same introduction as on gothic dot net. ^^;

    The tattoo as my icon is one I helped design for a friend. :]

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    and your little dog too
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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)


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    Born in London, bred in Yorkshire, laid in Dublin.

    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    Hi, welcome.

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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    Who would you rather be stuck on a uncharted island with?

    A gay midget Cannibal, or an amazonian leper?

    Welcome and be merry

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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    I'll take the gay midget cannibal. And a gun...

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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)


    I'm of two minds if I should answer your questions.

    I have no idea how I want to die, though I have a strong suspision that my last words are going to be "Oh no, not again."

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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphynth
    I'll take the gay midget cannibal. And a gun...

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    Default Re: Salutations (I'm a newbie)

    hello's ,, Happy Humpday!

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