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Thread: Announcing the "Give a Damn" Campaign.

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    Default Announcing the "Give a Damn" Campaign.

    Announcing the "give a damn" campaign

    Filled with unusual levels of bitterness at the apathy of our nations peers and colleagues I've decided to start the Give a Damn (G.A.D) campaign.

    What is this?: To motivate our peers to register and vote.

    Why?: Wide spread apathy, laziness, and self convinced "My vote means nothing" people.

    Mission? Set up a stand at my college and create a sign up to vote table with NO political slant towards either group. Simply to foster the attitude of voting as a good thing.

    Sign propaganda: Heres where I could use some ideas. Signs are going to be made and they will be used to attract attention and inspire pride in America and hopefully shame in the reader.

    Some of my ideas..

    "Put down the Xbox controller and spend 10 minutes levelling up your Government. Register to vote here!"

    "This is your birthright, your country! Register to vote and make a difference!"

    "Vote first, complain later! Register here!"


    You're all very creative people and have excellent artistical minds. Could you please help me think of some catchy sign propaganda and perhaps some images? You'll receive full credits for your ideas/art on each sign made.

    Thanks bb

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    Default Re: Announcing the "Give a Damn" Campaign.

    Send them all to 3rd world countries until the election. They'll vote. No need for any signs. They'll figure it out.

    Jackie T

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