Just in time for Halloween, HeavyRed has released a fantastical Alice in Wonderland inspired ensemble. Many of the intricately designed pieces can be picked up a la carte or as a full costume kit. Just the stylish custom Alice character arm strap accessories, or the delicate lace & pleats tea party gloves on their own would make a nice wardrobe addition, and I particularly like the cutely absurd yet somehow fitting dainty Tea Cup hat. The whole package looks great and a lot of it would look awesome any night of the year. Add in the cool harlequin stockings and light weight over sized padlock details and you have yourself a costume contest winner.

Visit HeavyRed to see lots more detail shots from the Alice collection.
Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-01.jpg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-02.jpg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-03.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-04.jpeg
Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-05.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-06.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-07.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-08.jpeg
Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-09.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-10.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-11.jpg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-12.jpg
Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-13.jpg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-14.jpeg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-15.jpg Blue Blood Heavy Red Alice Dement https://www.blueblood.net/gallery/heavy-red-alice-dement/th_heavy-red-alice-in-wonderland-dement-16.jpg

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