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  1. theDragon_svDragcos
    HEY "SCAR",.....

    I Just Got back in to BB after being Gone the past yr',..
    I Lost my Computer last summer,
    so I've not been back in on the *NET* for a while,
    Hope your doing well, You do know "Facebook"
    Closed all my last two, three accounts Right?...

    Hope to catch back up with you soon, OK???...

  2. Atharaxia
    un gran beso desde lationoamerica
  3. juggalo08332
    nice profile =) scar

    you rock
  4. theDragon_svDragcos
    HI "SCAR" !,...

    ~ sorry I've been Away for awhile,
    just Thought I'de Fly By ~~^^'V'^^
    an' Drop you a Hello, Hope Alls' well with You,...
    ..Keep it Cool, Stay Beautiful as Always,...


    your BlueBlood friend...
    "the Dragon ~ sithveirDragcos".
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About Scar

Basic Information

About Scar
Current Whereabouts
I am pretty sure I live in San Diego, but I am partial to LA.
Originally From
Los Angeles
My Life's Calling
Right now I am doing make-up, set design and photo retouching. All are new to me, but I am learning fast!
My Ride
Hyundai Elantra. I also walk a lot and go runninh.
My Ideal Ride
Definitely a helicopter that had a neverending pre-paid gas card that someone else bought for me. Economical and fun :-)
Drink of Choice
Liquor. Now, my favorite of liquor and what it's mixed with change, but if I was only going to have one drink all night I'd definitely choose an Adios Mother F*cker. That's a sure shot!
Yummy to Me
Mmmm, TOFU! Don't knock it till you try it. I know it sounds gross and sometimes it can look gross too, but I love it!
Where I Shop
Well, I like the fabric store. I would rather make my own outfits, that way only I have them! Not that I have time to make enough outfits to wear every day, but in the ideal worls I would :-)
On the Town
Currently I am a big fan of Tiajuana goth clubs. I frequent Bar Sinister and Miss Kitty's in LA, but it's nice to change it up every now and again. Tiajuana is definitely a whole different vibe.
Favorite Weapon
The back of my hand. Or if it was a weapon I was going to fuck myself with, I guess I sould choose nun chucks. They look like they'd go in easy.
Favorite Movies
Not a big movie person. I liked Magnolia.
Favorite TV
No TV in my house.
Favorite Authors
I like to read fiction novels about really fucked up people and their fucked up lives. Not violent books, though, I hate violence. I just like the books I read to make me feel there are people out there less stable than me.
Favorite Bands
Christian Death, no competition. If Rozz was alive, I would offer him $$ for sex.
Turn Ons
Guys with accents, girls with accents, natural breasts, having sex in a room full of other people having sex, sex on the hood of a car, or anywhere outdoors. Mohawks, colored hair, tattoos, dark boys, GUYS WHO WEAR HEALS GOD DAMMIT! Sucking cock.
Turn Offs
Whiners, bossy guys, corporate whores, guys who wont put out on the first date. hat the fuck is up with that? Do I look prude? NO!
Hair Color
Black with Turquoise bangs.
Previous Hair Colors
Pink, purple, blonde, brown (a long long time ago), red and black, and green once on accident. Gross green, not cool green.
Toys I Desire
I really want a nice dainty anal plug with a girly devil tail. I have been in search for a long time. I think I wil have to make one myself.
Depraved Fantasy
To sleep with the guy from Icon of Coil. Yum. He makes my panties wet.
Quote or Slogan
Fear not, for death is but a dream.



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