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Thread: Hello Kitty Combat Boots

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    Default Hello Kitty Combat Boots

    A long long time ago, in a land far far from here, my friend Julia Winter and I were going to a show at Toad's Place and went driving all over Connecticut beforehand to hole-in-the-wall military surplus stores. We found one which had a huge sort of vat enclosure, full to the brim with pairs of combat boots. We fished around the giant tangle of shoes, until we each had ones which fit nicely. They were probably the most supportive and comfortable shoes I ever owned. I wore them until the nails in...
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    Default Re: Hello Kitty Combat Boots

    Keroppi would probably match my hair better.
    I would certainly wear Bad Badtz combat boots.

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    Default Re: Hello Kitty Combat Boots

    I hate hello Kitty. I do wear docs though.

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    Default Re: Hello Kitty Combat Boots

    Not if I had to pay for them... but if they were a gift heck yes I would

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