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Thread: Vernal Equinox Gothic Couture

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    Default Vernal Equinox Gothic Couture

    Whether or not you know or live by the rules about white after Labor Day or however that goes, this sexy white constructed corset with black detailing from
    Heavy Red is part of their new spring line of gothic couture. I always used to loathe daylight savings time in the spring. I am not a morning person. If I were only able to sleep when Joe Normal folks do, my whole life might have been different...
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    Default Re: Vernal Equinox Gothic Couture

    $90 fines for using a hike trail after dark? Wow.

    I really like that girl they use to model these, but I still don't get the abstract modern corset designs.

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    Default Re: Vernal Equinox Gothic Couture

    Wow, I'm loving the designs! I agree with Raza, perfect model choice.

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    Default Re: Vernal Equinox Gothic Couture

    I like heavy red, but I find sometimes their stuff isn't made well. little details like buttons not being sewn on well at all. I have two coats from them, and this was the case both times. also, the bra cups in the gowns are ill placed. I still love both coats; I just had to do a little minor repair work.

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