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Thread: True Blood - Who Are You Really?

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    Default True Blood - Who Are You Really?

    Look, there are people who like "True Blood". I don't know who they are, or why exactly, but they MUST exist or this show wouldn't STILL be on the air. THESE reviews are not for THOSE people. Some kind of schadenfreude compels me to continue watching and writing so let's settle in for yet another season of boobs, blood and eye rolling.

    "True Blood" makes quick work of reminding us how stupid the last season was and even I had forgotten some things. Now that Vampire Bill is a demi-...
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    Default Re: True Blood - Who Are You Really?

    It's not schadenfreude......it's masochism....I prefer to beat my fingertips with a hammer, but to each their own. Love the reviews, Saves me having to watch just in case something actually (surprisingly) does happen, and, thanks to you I know it doesn't.

    Bah, even the books are dumb

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