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Alright, The Following. You started out strong and you’ve slowly petered out to drivel where you don’t let your female characters do anything but suck. I do not approve. Remember when our plucky FBI cult expert did stuff? Now she just stands in the background and looks concerned. Come on guys, you can do better than this. Why does Joe SUDDENLY fall apart even tho everything was going his way? His straight laced followers were following the plan to a T, with a couple hiccups. But Joe has no reason to be freaking out, and yet he does. Whatever, Fox.

Wait, how did Mike know that Roderick is fishy? He was talking on the phone about land records? Wut? So Roderick runs and then back talks real hard to Joe, WHO TOTALLY HAD IT COMING.

Bacon goes on the news to try and find a Benedict Arnold in the cult. Not a bad tactic, but you guys got other plans, right? Right? Oh Bacon’s lone wolfing it again because he knows how to actually get stuff done.

And then Roderick kidnaps Joey from the kidnappers! AAAAAAHAHAHA. Cue Claire freaking out at Joe while her raccoon makeup streaks. This is not how you co-parent.

This show has become less about the Cult and Joe’s plan and more about shitty people doing really illogical things. Look, I can watch any number of poorly written shows where it’s just an exercise of people being crappy to each other. The Walking Dead instantly springs to mind. I thought this show was going to be about conspiracy theories and paranoia. But that OTHER cult show, you know, the one titled CULT, has already been canceled so maybe the US viewing public really isn’t interested in psychopaths doing dumb crap, poorly conceived at that, when there’s so much of that going on in the real world.

Really, Emma? You ask what is wrong with Joe. Are we supposed to believe that even crazy, fucked up Emma thinks Joe has gone off the rails?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. They find Joey, yada yada, Jacob manages to snatch him and Joey DOESN’T scream out? Dude. What. Ever.

We’re at the point where I am now yelling at the tv when dumb things happen. Look, if you’re gonna stab a dude, make it count. Words to live by.

This show can go fuck itself.


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