Crossed: Wish You Were Here

For those of you who (a) still miss Warren Ellis’ weekly webcomic Freakangels, and (b) think the image of a terminal psychotic skullfucking a dolphin is a droll one, the nice folks at Avatar have finally started running Crossed: Wish You Were Here. It’s a long-form serialized story set in the world previously explored in Garth Ennis’ Crossed books, in which civilization has been destroyed by a mysterious pandemic that turns humans into single-minded murderous sexual sadists. (No, not zombies. The Crossed don’t want to eat you until they are done knife-fucking you.)

While earlier Crossed books have been quest stories, Wish You Were Here focuses on a group of survivors trying to hold down a permanent settlement on a fly-speck island off the Scottish coast. This sounds like everything everyone hated about the farmhouse episodes of Walking Dead, but not to worry. The Crossed are much more interesting antagonists, and comics don’t have a special effects budget to hold them back.

Episode two is up today. Get started now.

Wish You Were Here


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