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On this week’s episode of “Give Robyn Nightmares”, Claire gets a disturbing video of her kid, still in the Cult’s care. They’re trying to influence the kid onto a darker path and generally freaking out Claire, which is certainly working. That kid seems smarter than the average bear, though. I have my doubts about how much impact they actually have over him.

Our newest member, Maggie, seems to have a past more sinister than our other little Culties. And now she’s mad since Bacon killed her husband. She tracks down Bacon’s sister and makes lots of threats but I have a feeling Joe isn’t going to approve of this course of action. Sure he wants Bacon unhinged and back in the STORY but this is going to push him over the edge.

Sad Bacon is sad.

Bacon goes to meet Maggie and try to trade himself for his sister. This will go smoothly, I’m sure. Yup, smoooooooooth as clotted cream.

There’s trouble on the home front when we find out that sugary sweet Fake Gay, Jacob, has never killed anyone before. What a liar! Why is he in this if he doesn’t have a homicidal streak? Just wants to fit in with the cool kids? This is deeply disappointing to Cult Queen Emma who forces him to take care of their little problem in the basement.

A flashback shows Jacob meeting with Joe in prison and confessing that he lied but Joe is understanding in that creepy cult leader way and makes himself seem so very endearing and concerned. Creeeeeepy. You almost want to like him, he’s so persuasive and self assured in that bad boy way, but man, what a psycho.

Oh goddamnit, don’t let her go! She’s going to die so horribly now! Ugh, couldn’t he have just nutted up instead of giving the poor girl hope? Nothing like a little cult Ménage à Trois to bring the team back together. Go team Cult on three: One, Two, EWWWWW.

I think this is the first instance in this show where just one bullet takes someone down. Is that progress or luck? Poor Bacon, always putting other people first and refusing to open up. Can’t you see that poor Claire needs you!?

It’s a good thing I taped an episode of “Too Cute”. This episode needed a Unicorn Chaser.


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