The Following – Let Me Go

Whenever I tell my husband I have to watch The Following, he says “the following what?”. Real funny guy, that one. But the show’s title does make it annoying when searching for episode screen shots. Come on, Google!

Super Nanny and Joey arrive at a mysterious location on their ongoing journey of ADVENTURE! Oh hello completely unhinged new character! How are you doing? Not so well? The girl in the cage giving you grief? Cool story! Well this is just the weirdest subplot so far. Can we stick with to the likable psychopaths instead of the completely creepy kind with dead eyes?

Joe uses the legal system to his advantage and cites Bacon breaking his fingers as cruel and unusual punishment. He has a point, but this is all a clever RUSE for some further madness.

I wonder what Bacon’s workout routine is. He looks pretty good in that suit and skinny tie. Do you think he cuts out carbs or does a lot of cardio? I’d bet he does yoga too, he just looks kind of lithe even tho he’s only 5’10”.

Joe uses his poor lawyer to escape, oh boy. If you’re a lawyer, do your best to never defend a serial killer, that is the moral here. And more goddamn cultists come out of the woodwork. It makes the stakes a lot lower when Bacon KNOWS Joe wants him alive. None of Joe’s groupies are allowed to kill him so of course Bacon is going to try to get away/use it to his advantage at every turn. He’s a major character in The Story, you guys! This isn’t a George RR Martin book! One does not simply kill off Ed Stark in the first book! Heh…

I don’t think thumb fucking a bullet wound was on Bacon’s to do list today, but hey, sometimes you just gotta see where the day takes you. Faith in the FBI is pretty thin right about now, but there’s not a whole lot they can do when Joe’s been planning these shenanigans for nine years.

Nice use of a creepey Fever Ray song at the end there, as Joe pulls up to his new home, filled with goddamn children of the corn. Are these the people who call in votes for American Idol?


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