Ego Likeness Releases a Treacherous Thing

Our friends Ego Likeness have just released a really beautifully creepy new video for ‘Treacherous Thing’ that is worth checking out. Kyle Cassidy captured a lot of the essence and mood of Ego Likeness that I enjoy so much. Donna Lynch looks and sounds fantastic and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Steven Archer sit so still.

Ego Likeness
‘Treacherous Thing’
Directed by Kyle Cassidy
FX Makeup by Vince Miles
Color treatments, Nikki Benoit
Grip- Sarah Burton

You keep insisting
I’m what you’re missing
But you’ve yet to get inside

Storms and witches
Wounds and stitches
It ain’t so pretty once you’ve tried

You beg and plead
I’m what you need
And you wouldn’t be the first
Wolves surrounding
Sailors drowning
And you haven’t seen the worst

Kiss it to life
Tear it apart
I’m a treacherous thing to keep in your heart
Clean all your wounds
Curse all your bones
I’m a treacherous thing to bring in your home

You see a treasure
Beyond all measure
But you’re blinded by your greed
There’s hell beneath
And jagged teeth
That bite you till you bleed

Kiss it to life…
Buy the single here!


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