The Following – Guilt

Murder isn’t easy for everyone, despite what The Following would have us believe. Jacob is having bad thoughts after killing his boyfriend ala Cuckoo’s Nest last episode. Paul is now haunting him and making him doubt Emma for sure, and maybe the Cult too. Emma’s noticeable shock at seeing him again is going to cause problems if she doesn’t grovel at his feet ASAP. And even then… Doubting Debbie isn’t sure what he’s doing any more.

Claire gets caught up to speed on the whole, hey a bunch of other Claires were brutally murdered. And oh, the creepy Cult probably knows where you are now thing. IT’S GO TIME!!! For being so well organized, Culties still manage to fuck up horribly. Joe is gonna be so pissed that they failed again!

Bacon seeks refuge with an old FBI buddy who is now in witness protection. So how does Bacon know where he is? I hope he’s on the up and up, but it’s so hard to believe people at face value on this show. Let’s just hope he’s on our side.

So the militia guy that grabs Claire managed to get a tracker on her? How? What? Sure, whatever. And yup, they totally found her. Now it has become a game of cat and also cat, but it’s nothing a shotgun can’t cure! Wait, why did Claire just take off towards the bad guys. Goddamnit Claire! You don’t want to go with them! Even if they do have Joey! Argh, she makes me so mad!! She better have taken a cell phone or something that Bacon can track with her. Stupid Claire!

Joe tries to convince Joey to have some quality time together by fucking up some smores and generally creeping us all out. DO NOT WANT.

Let’s do some roll playing. I’m Emma asking for forgiveness. You notice she still doesn’t really seem sorry? “Hey baby, I know I totally deserted you and left you guys for dead, but it’s nothing a solid hand job can’t fix, right? Right?”

OOOO Apparently they have a really good marketing person at the Cult! There is a hidden sign up page online where you can enter your email to get more info on the Cult! It’s like a video game! Does that version live on the internet somewhere? Somebody find it and send it to me.

Joe calls Bacon and toys with him some more, trying to play the cunning puppet master. Bacon is convinced he’s cursed and that everyone he cares about dies. Uh, yeah, that’s called life. It’s just like that Louis CK bit. The best case scenario is you find someone you love, live your life, and then they die.

Hmm, what are we supposed to take away from that last scene?


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