The Following – The Curse

We’re wrapping up this season with three episodes after tonight, hard to see exactly there this is all gonna go, but they better do it quick. Nice try, Claire, like running out of the compound was EVER gonna work. You didn’t even try to fight your way out? Now you got a Tracy Morgan anklet, good jorb.

Bacon’s fake-girlfriend pops up for a second. And she’s gone. Okay, whatever.

Further investigation into the training camp shows your standard, run of the mill cult indoctrination program. Sleep deprivation, weapons training, watching “Glee”.

Meanwhile Joe struggles to find Harady’s motivation. Uh, wut? Is Joe now writing a biography on Bacon? Isn’t his motivation pretty transparent? He’s suffered a ton of loss in his life, he loves Claire and has to save her at all costs. Ta-dah! Doesn’t Joe have better things to do? Is this all just a really long con to sell a book?

I really like the FBIs black lady computer tech. She gets to sit down the whole time and chimes in with important information when they need it. That’s the kind of job I want. I’m halfway there, I get to sit down all the time. But instead of information I chirp in with jokes. Here I am, your resident peanut gallery!

Mike seems a little unhinged after his multiple beatings. Can’t really blame him but why is everybody so surprised? He’s had a rough couple of days and wants to be the prettiest boy in all the scenes. All these new hipster looking mofos showing up is cramping his style.

Cat fight! Cat fight! MROWR! It’s more like a slap fight, but that was enjoyable to watch.

Joe makes a personal appearance and once again Mike gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop. This episode is weird. Is this the part where Joe starts to unravel and tries to become a version of Hardy who he secretly admires? Hmm, seems like they’re running out of road here.

Zomg, the last minute. Puh-lease. I can’t. You better get your act together, The Following.


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