The Following – Whips and Regrets

Now that the Cult has dummy Claire, Joe insists on antagonizing Bacon even further with an obnoxious phone call. He’s like an ex that you can’t get rid of. Or a bill collector. Or just those goddamn spam calls you get for cruises or whatever. I hate those.

Claire’s introduction to the Cult house is about what you’d expect. They had a tiki party with a toga costume theme and played limbo. No, it’s all creepy and tense.

At the end of the last episode, Bacon’s ex arrives at the Cult HQ. Now we see how she was inducted, by running recon on Bacon and ultimately

Did anyone figure out if that viral video is really on the internets?

Roderick gets a bit mouthy with Joe, he’s the first one to say anything against Joe and that isn’t going to sit well.

The name of this episode is also the name of a bar/club the FBI finds. Kinky! I think I’ve reached the age where strobe lights are annoying as hell to me. The owner of the club was running their online presence but didn’t know anything about it, yada yada, she can deliver one of the guys. And the plot advances.

I think that everyone in the cult are those people that park diagonally across two spaces. You know, assholes who think they matter more than everyone else.

Aww, it’s date night for the non-married couple! Joe’s need to control Claire and MAKE her love him again comes across as sheer megalomania and his facade of charming sociopath is replaced by pure evil. His scheming ways now seem more disturbing than before and gives me the icks.

Man, that bondage club owner is just a working girl trying to make her way in the world, and what’s her reward? She gets kidnapped by Militia Mike here. Why didn’t you put a tracker on his fucking car when you had the chance? Jesus christ this is pissing me off.

Joe strips Roderick of all his power after this latest fuck up. Now the FBI know where The Camp is, but not the purpose. What is the purpose? Why are we here? Why does it seem like these episodes are dragging now? Joe’s true plan is still very much in the shadows and we can’t assume anymore that he’s just out to get Bacon. I’m always out to get Bacon, on a club sandwich, or a Cobb salad. Sorry, lost my train of thought there. Anyway, it’s difficult to imagine that Joe wants to make some big stand against the government? since his crimes are all about himself. You know? I dunno. Four more episodes in this season. How are they going to stretch this story into a second season?

Here’s my major problem with this show. It’s got a decent premise but the way US television works will fuck up any good concept. The BBC model of “hey, you’ve got 3 to 10 episodes to make a killer story, do it right” succeeds all the time while these ridiculous 14-22 episode seasons drag out and get tiresome and boring. It has very little to do with the content of the show and more to do with advertisers, I suspect.


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